My Restaurant


(fried cheese)
Goat/Sheep cheese in brine
Boiled green vegetables
Fried eggplants
Fried peppers
Spicy cheese spread
Spicy cheese spread


Greek salad
Tomato,cucumber,peppers,onion,olives,goat/sheep cheese in brine and olive oil
Lettuce salad
Cabbage-Carrot salad
Cucumber-Tomato salad
Greek salad dakos
Pieces of cretan rusk with tomato,cucumber,onion,peppers,olives,goat/sheep cheese in brine.balsamic vinegar and olive oil
Mixed salad
Cabbage,tomato,cucumber,lettuce,carrot,onion,peppers,lettuce and olives

Main dish

Kebab (Mixture of beef and lamb)
Four kebab skewers,accompanied by Greek pita,baked tomato and onions
Pork gyros
Slice of pork meat , accompanied by tomato. Greek pita and onions
Kebab with yogurt sauce (Mixture of beef and lamb)
Four kebab skewers accompanied by Greek pita.baked tomato and yogurt sauce
Chicken gyros
slices of chicken meat accompanied by tomatoes and Greek pita
A Serving of pork brochettes
Four sticks of pork meat. Accompanied by tomatoes and Greek pita.
Mixed grill
Doner* . pork gyros , two pork brochettes, two skewers, kebab, accompanied by Greek pita, tomatoes and onions
Grilled burger accompanied by Greek pita,tomatoes and french fries
Pork steak with french fries
Pork steak grilled with lemon and oregano.accompanied by French fries
A Serving of chicken meat on skewer
Fresh grilled chicken fillets , accompanied by Greek pita,tomatoes and french fries
Pork fillet
Pork tenderloin grilled , accompanied by French fries and tomatoes
Lamp chops
Grilled fresh lamp chops , accompanied by French fries

Soft drinks

coca cola
Fresh juice
Natural water 1.5lt
Natural water 0.5lt
sparkling water 330ml


Halva (Semolina)
Fruit of the season
Fruit salad

Responsible for the law:
In the aforementioned prices, all legal surcharges have been included.
Municipal tax 0,5%, beverages VAT 13%, alcoholic drinks VAT 24%.
The establishment is required by the law to have printed complaint forms, conspicuously located by the exit, for use by the customers.
The entry and consumption of alcohol is prohibited for persons under 18 years old.
The consumer is not obliged to pay if the notice of payment has not been received (receipt-invoice).
All the meat we are using is 100% fresh.
We use olive oil for our salads and sunflower oil for frying.
Our french fries are frozen.